Deliveries will be made within 5-7 working days after confirmation of payment, unless otherwise indicated on the screen and some products may have a greater delivery time according to their characteristics and areas. Or it may have suffered a stock break.

In cases where there is no stock and must ask the manufacturer, the delivery time will be specified by the manufacturer, which will communicate via email. 

It should be taken into account that the effective payment on account usually takes a couple of days from the transfer order, if the payment method has been chosen by transfer. On the other hand, the delivery period may be less delayed if the method chosen has been by credit card.

LA CUCHARA PROFESIONAL is not responsible for delays in delivery by the carrier for reasons beyond the normal operation of transport services, such as strikes, accidents, overloading the truck, etc.

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be no delivery service and they are counted as non-business days.


The order will be delivered to the main entrance to the place indicated by the client and will require a signature and ID to pick up the merchandise.  The carrier has no commitment to bring the goods inside the house, just put it in the main entrance of the street.  On request, the carrier can help the client to bring order to the door of the house, if time allowed and had not prevented from bringing the goods to the door of the house, as in cases when no lift or packages do not fit in the elevator or when the package is not passed through the doors or when there are steps to climb up the elevator.

The client is responsible for verifying the contents and condition of the goods at the time of delivery, being that accepts the same and leaving their signature on the copy of the receipt to return the carrier concur on what waiving claims received and subsequent the suitability and identity of the goods ordered and received.  In the case of verifying the customer at the time of delivery errors in the goods received or that it is visually impaired, you must enter those circumstances on the delivery note and make known these facts LA CUCHARA PROFESIONAL.  within 24 hours, by customer service posted on its website.

The invoice corresponding to the order will be sent by email once the effective payment of the merchandise is received. That is why it is important that you provide us with the correct billing information to the order request.


We inform our customers that for orders received during the month of August, they may suffer delays in delivery. In any case, delivery will take place from 01/09.